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About Us

About Us
Established in 2004, Active Window Cleaning has grown to become a well respected company which has an enviable reputation for delivering a superior level of service, with reliability that is second to none.
Terms & Conditions

Payment: Payment for domestic work is required within 7 days. Payment for commercial work is required within 14 days. This applies if you are paying by cheque (domestic customers must add £0.50 to invoice if paying by cheque), Paypal, cash or BACS. Customers paying via BACS have the option to arrange payment to suit their own payment cycle.

Remittance: We require all commercial customers to provide remittance advice.

Late payment: If you cannot make payment on time, please contact us. Repeated late payment is unacceptable and you will be given notice that we no longer wish to continue cleaning your windows. If payment is not received within 30 days statutory interest will be charged on the outstanding amount, this is currently 8% plus the current Bank of England base rate. The daily rate of interest will be calculated and a new invoice will be sent.

Cancellations: If you wish to cancel a clean due to building work etc, written notice must be given a minimum of 7 days before the clean is due. Failure to  give sufficient notice will result in a loss of revenue for us and disruption of our schedule. If we have arrived at your premises on the day a clean is due, and you cancel, we will charge you 50% of the cost of the clean that was due. You will be required to complete a cancellation form.

Notice to cease: If you no longer require our services, we require one cleans notice, this would mean if you have a clean due, and you wish to give us notice to cease then we would clean your windows two more times, if you were to give us notice on the day of a clean we would clean your windows one more time. Active Window Cleaning reserves the right to terminate any agreement, at any time, without notice. If you cancel our service without notice and a clean is due you will be charged a cancellation fee which will be 50% of the price of the clean that was due.

Quotations: Quotations are valid for 30 days. If you accept the quotation this must be done in writing (email is acceptable) within 30 days from the date on the written quotation provided by us. We will not commence work until we have received written acceptance. Active Window Cleaning have a minimum charge of £25.00 for window cleaning work. The frequency of a clean is taken into consideration when preparing a quotation, if you wish to change the frequency of your clean, you will be provided with a new quotation that will reflect the change.

By accepting a quotation you agree to abide to all Terms & Conditions listed on this page.

Frequency of cleans: Active Window Cleaning offer a regular window cleaning service with frequency intervals from 14 days to 12 weeks, if you require a regular service with an interval that is longer than 12 weeks, you will be charged extra for a deep clean (in most cases this charge is 50% of the regular, standard clean price) each time, this is due to the duration between cleans which will leave the glass and frames requiring more time, effort and purified water to bring them to an acceptable standard. Active Window Cleaning do not offer "one off" cleans.

Interior glass cleaning: Interior glass cleaning can take longer than the exterior. Furniture and other household/office items that can restrict access must be moved out of the way before work is commenced, this should be done by the customer. Internal windows sills should also be cleared by the customer before we commence work.. We can only use the traditional method inside and not the water fed pole, this factors in the amount of time taken and the price.

Initial cleans: If your windows have not been cleaned for some time and require a deep clean, there will be an additional charge for this service. This charge is only applied to the initial clean and in most cases is 50% of the regular price.

Builders Cleans: By negotiation. Active Window Cleaning will not attempt to remove mortar, concrete, render or cement from doors, windows or frames as there is a risk of causing further damage. Any doors, windows or frames affected will not be cleaned. We advise you contact the person responsible for creating the problem.

Definition of a Standard Window Clean: A standard clean would involve the removal of naturally occurring dirt and debris from the glass, frames and window sills. We consider the following examples to be naturally occurring (but not limited to) bird mess, dust, pollen, leaves. A standard clean does not involve the removal of the following (but not limited to), paint, silicone, concrete, adhesive, stickers, egg, smoke damage.

Price increases: Prices are reviewed once a year, we will give verbal notice of an increase if due. If you require confirmation in writing please provide an email address.

Queries: Any queries regarding completed work must be raised within 24 hours.

Access: Please ensure we have clear and safe access around your property, any obstructions will be left in place and any windows affected will not be cleaned.              

Open windows will be pushed shut if possible and only the glass will be cleaned, the frames will not be cleaned as there is a risk of water entering the property. Windows that cannot be pushed shut will not be cleaned due to the risk of water entering the property. In some instances it will not be possible to clean windows if the window directly below is open, as there is a risk of water entering the property.

Active Window Cleaning will not be held liable for damage caused to items left on window sills that cannot be seen from the ground, such as (but not limited to) temperature gauges.


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